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Farah Lutvica

About me

Farah Lutvica (born 22 May 1996) is the youngest Neuro-Linguistic Programming trainer in the world internationally certified by the ITA. She teaches the principles of our behaviour and how we can change it, so that we can free ourselves from fears and phobias, get past limiting labels, transform physical and emotional pain, learn more effectively and shape a fulfilling life. As a hypnotherapist, she works in her practise space in Amsterdam (the Netherlands) and online. As a trainer and coach she gives lectures in the Hypnose Instituut Nederland, organisations and schools. To this day, she attends various courses to keep updated with the latest tools to implement in her teachings.

Feeling sad, lonely and misunderstood?
Do you have habits you want to change but don't know how?
Would you like to live the life of your dreams?

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Succes Stories

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Maky Arias

Farah is simply amazing. After 4 days of high fevers, I lost my voice and was totally congested. I couldn't breathe through my nose and had some of the worst body pains ever. Farah was able to connect me with my subconscious and I swear when I am telling you this, from one minute to another, I listened to it and my throat pained dissapeared! I AM NOT KIDDING, this sounds too freaking good to be true but it was the first time I did it and wao... I was speechless. From going to feeling like someone was stractching my throat with a rake, to feeling smooth waterfall in a matter of seconds. Antibiotics were not able to do what she did. So so so grateful, Farah is the real deal.

Ben Mulder

She can explain very nicely how you can change something in a simple way. So, also how you can simply become happier . I think she is the best youth coach in the world!


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