1 to 1 Coaching

Hey there,
I’m so grateful you clicked on here, it means you might have interest to embark on a coaching journey with me!
But first, why coaching? Why for you? Does it really work?
Here’s a little story about me:
To me, 1-1 coaching is important.
I’ve had coaches for the last 6 years.
And no, my family is not from the coaching business.
My friends didn’t do this either.
When I started this journey, I was the only one in my family and friends going to seminars and having coaches to better myself.
I didn’t even realize how much it could bring me, I was just curious about improving my performance and believing in myself.
So, I invested in myself and it is paying off.
I thought I’m not a drastic case, I don’t come from a violent home or had all the possible setbacks.
I just was bullied for one year in high school. Failed a class. Had the label A.D.D. Generally awkward kid.
My parents came to this country from a war-zone. So what?
There are worse things in this world.
So who was I to be coached? I should just be happy, right?
I felt bad for wanting it to be better.
It was quite a #1stworldproblem really.
Until I realized that this is what we all need.
And this is why I am passionate to work with people like you.

You are young, ambitious, you want to make this world a better place.
Sometimes you’re stuck, you feel lost and you don’t think anyone can understand you.
It’s like you’re sabotaging yourself from performing your best and you don’t know why or how to change it.

There’s nothing wrong with you. In fact, you are perfectly fine.
It’s just that nobody thought you how you can get the best out of yourself.
And no, I’m no psychologist or psychiatrist.
I am a NLP-trainer and hypnotherapist.
The principles from which I work helped me become the exact opposite of who I was:
Confident, flexible, clear and compassionate.
And it can help you just the same in anything you wish to change.
I’ve helped people

    • to study and learn more effectively so they can have better grades
    • manage conflicts with parents
    • figure out what they do want in life
    • stop hating their body
    • to stop smoking
    • become allergy-free
    • forgive their family and traumatic experiences
    • to become physically pain-free
    • lose weight
    • stop cheating
    • overcome the fear of spiders/heights/flights
    • to have more fulfilling relationships

Is this magic? Farah, are you a magician?
No, anybody can do it. Including you.
And this is what I bring forth in my 1-1 coaching, on and offline.
Sounds interesting?
Please contact me through my form and let’s have a free call so I can hear your story and tell you whether my services can help you.
If that’s too scary, please feel free to write me your question on the contact form scrolling down on my About Me page or Home page
I’m delighted to hear from you 🙂


Starting a coaching journey with Farah can result in serious improvement in self-worth, feeling deserving, taking responsibility, think in possibilities, perform more efficiently, have long-term perspective and an urge to contribute on a larger scale.
See you soon,
With all my love,
Farah Lutvica


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