So much love in the meditations
31 maart 2020 
1 min. leestijd

So much love in the meditations

Hey there beautiful,

Okay, I know I won’t share the meditations I do now daily, because you know I do them at 8 – 8:30am now everyday.

But I have to share with you some things that really get to my heart.

Today was day 2 of the meditations we’re continuing.. And I received some shares and feedback that got my eyes teary!
Overflowing with gratitude for you.

Here is one message

That I saw on Facebook..

And another one from a non-Dutch speaker that I got in an Instagram message. I asked him if I can anonymously share his message. He said yes. So there you go!


Thanks so much. You know the drill.. See you around 🙂


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