The Future of the Meditations
30 maart 2020 
1 min. leestijd

The Future of the Meditations

Hey beautiful being,

As you know we ended the 10 days meditation. I want to thank you so much.. But hey, it’s not the end. We are still continuing, just in new ways!

The whole idea of these meditations was an outlet, a way to stay safe and say during this quarantine. At the time we started this, it was unsure until when the quarantine would continue.

Now that so many of you are excited to continue it, and the quarantine is taking longer (unknown exactly until when), we’re continuing.
Because it’s important to stay safe and say, don’t you think 🙂

There will be some changes, though.

Every weekday we start at 8am. The meditations will be half an hour. And there will be no rewatch. No recordings. No watching back here on my website.

So that we can REALLY be together, all of us, at the same moment. It has a different feeling, at least it does to me.

Now until when are these new meditations? Not sure. Maybe 6th of april, as everything seemingly opens then. Maybe later? We’ll know tomorrow, as they’ll announce it then on the news. This is the Dutch news around the Corona virus. This is my metric for the meditations!

Are you joining me at 8?

Click here to directly go to my Instagram!

I really like doing these meditations for you. I actually got a microphone to record professional meditations. I’ll keep you posted. These will probably be for sale!

Thank you so much for watching from afar, supporting me, joining the meditations, reaching out or just lurking to see what’s up.

Let’s stay safe and sane,

With love,


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