Dag 5/10 Terugkijken Live Meditaties
20 maart 2020 
1 min. leestijd

Dag 5/10 Terugkijken Live Meditaties


Stay Sane and Safe
Gratis Corona Meditaties

Elke dag van 7:00 – 7:15

2 weken lang (zonder weekend)

16 maart – 27 maart

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I got you

Dag 4: Breng handen samen

Todays Meditation was mostly in English.

After the meditation I talked about Fear vs Trust and ‘nominalisations’. There is no ‘business out there’, ‘instutiton’, ‘authority’.. It’s simply a specific frame in which humans interact with each other. Humans that are thinking, feeling, communicating, interacting with each other within a frame. A frame is a way to think, it’s a way to describe similar associations that give meaning to something. So in the base, it’s about how we think.

The ‘news’ is a common frame, for example. The ‘news’ on its own doesn’t exist without people interacting in a certain way. All these ‘nominalizations’ are terms to describe specific human interaction. We need to understand this so we don’t get lost within them, so we can trust in ourselves, each other, our capacity for love and our ability to get past fear. Then we can interact in different ways, ways that spark hope, joy, laughter and connection.

Ultimately, that’s what we truly want, isn’t it?

Wil je aan me laten weten welke thema’s je graag terug wilt horen in de volgende meditaties? Je kan me mailen: info@farahlutvica.com

Hier kan je dag 5, vrijdag 20 maart terugkijken in filmformaat:

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